Poems from other cultures - This Room - Imtiaz Dharker

Notes from my GCSE class on this poem.


  • Celebrates the fact that life is exciting
  • Describes a room that has gone wild
  • Describes a person who feels that the time has come to break away from the predictable.
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  • A house from which the rooms and their contents are trying to escape.
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  • Celebration of the fact that life can be unpredictable
  • Celebration of personal growth
  • The fact that change can be a good, positive, excitingthing
  • Freedom
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  • Free verse
  • Personification
  • Imagery
  • Present participle
  • Alliteration
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Appeals to the senses
  • Enjambements
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  • Ls4-5 - 'in search of space, light, empty air'
  • Ls8-9 - 'corners, chairs...crash through clouds'
  • Ls10-11 -'This is the time and place to be alive'
  • L14 - 'Pots and pans bang together'
  • L16 - 'past the crowd of garlic, onions, spices'
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  • Origins and cultural identities: Search for my tongue, Unrelated incidents, Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan, Not my business
  • Survival in spite of circumstances: Love after love
  • Describing places in detail: Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan
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