Poems from other cultures - Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan - Moniza Alvi

Notes from my GCSE class.


  • Young girl born in Pakistan but lives in England
  • Belongs to 2 cultures
  • Girl's aunts send her Pakistani clothes but she would rather wear Western clothes
  • Feels Pakistani clothes are too beautiful for her to wear.
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  • Set in England
  • Images of Pakistan
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  • The problems and frustrations caused by belonging to 2 cultures
  • Fond memories of the past and childhood
  • How our cultural backgrounds shape who we become
  • Alienation
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  • Narrative
  • Use of colour
  • Imagery
  • Metaphors
  • Juxtaposition
  • Positive and negative diction
  • Similes
  • Symbolic
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  • L4 - 'glistening like an orange split open'
  • L23 - 'and I was aflame'
  • Ls40-41 - 'My salwar kameez didn't impress the schoolfriend'
  • L67 - 'of no fixed nationality'
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  • Origins and cultural identities: Search for my tongue, Unrelated incidents, This room, Hurricane hits England
  • The difficulty of belonging to 2 cultures: Search for my tongue, Hurricane hits England
  • Alienation: Search for my tongue, Hurricane hits England
  • The strength of childhood memories: Hurricane hits England
  • Respect for ancient traditions/culture/language: Unrelated incidents, Search for my tongue, Hurricane hits England
  • Describing places in detail: This room
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Thanks for the links between poems - helped me to find more similarities and difference between poems.

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