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Limbo 1

What is Limbo and what does it suggest?

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Limbo 1

It's Catholic. It's a place between heaven and hell. It is also a ship exercise to keep healthy. It is also the triumph of life over death.

It could symbolise slaves being transported from Africa = heaven, to Plantation = hell.

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Limbo 2

"On the burning ground."

What could this reference? What themes are portrayed?

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Limbo 2

This is a reference to the liberation of slaves.

The themes shown are; pain/suffering/anger.

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Nothing's Changed 1

"No sing says it is: but we know where we belong."

What does this suggest?

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Nothing's Changed 1

It suggests that whites are more powerful and it shows that the poet is slightly resentful of the seperation.

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Nothing's Changed 2

"for a stone, a bomb, to shiver down the glass."

What does this suggest about the poet's feelings towards the subject?

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Nothing's Changed 2

It suggests that the poet is feeling quite angry, we can tell this because of the violent imagery.

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Island Man 1

"of his small emerald island"

what does the colour 'emerald' suggest?

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Island Man 1

Emerald is a lush green colour which symbolises the tropical island he used to live on. Also, an emerald is a precious gem and could suggest that the island is precious to him as a gem is precious to others.

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Island Man 2

"the stead breaking and wombing"

Wombing isn't a real word, so why has the poet used it?

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Island Man 2

The poet used the word wombing because it is an onometopia. It is quite a calm word which suggests that the island is rythmatic and nurturing.

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Blessing 1

"the voice of a kindly god."

The word God should start with a capital, suggest a reason why it is written without.

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Blessing 1

It could mean that there is more than one God. However, it is more likely that they have lost respect for him.

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Blessing 2

"..for streets around butts in, with pots, brass, copper, aluminium, plasitc buckets, frantic hands, and naked children..."

What does this suggest about the town?

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Blessing 2

It suggests that the town is quite desperate which is why they are clearly very frantic. The poem is written with a lot of commas making the poem fast past which symbolises the town.

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Two Scavengers In A Truck.. 1

What does this poem show?

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Two Scavengers In A Truck.. 1

This poems shows the unfairness in democracy. The seperation between different classes are portrayed here as unneccessary.

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Two Scavengers In A Truck.. 2

"And the two Scavengers up since four a.m..."

What does this qoute say about the scavengers?

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Two Scavengers In A Truck.. 2

It shows that the are jealous. It also portrays irony as their truck is higher than the mercedes but in society they are viewed as lower down.

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Night of the Scorpion 1

"giant scorpian shadows.."

What does this suggest about real life?

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Night of the Scorpion 1

It could suggest that small things can have a huge impact.

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Night of the Scorpion 2

"My father, sceptic, rationalist, trying every curse and blessing, powder, mixture, herb and hybrid"

What does this suggest about the father?

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Night of the Scorpion 2

It suggests that he is very desperate becuase he doesn't believe in these things but he is willing to try them right now.

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Vultures 1

"Praise bounteous providence if you will that grants even an ogre.. kindred love is lodged the perpetuity of evil."

What does this symbolise?

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Vultures 1

It symbolises yin and yang.

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What Were They Like? 1

"When bombs smashed those mirrors there was time only to scream"

What does this symbolise?

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What Were They Like? 1

The bomb smashed the reflection of the paddy fields.

It could symbolise their culture being destroyed like the bomb. It wont ever be the same again like the broken pieces of the mirror.

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What Were They Like? 2

"All the bones were charred"

What do the colours represented in this qoute show?

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What Were They Like? 2

It shows death. For example, the bones go from white to dark. From strong to damaged.

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Half-Caste 1

"Im sure youll understand why I offer yu half-a-hand.. an I will tell yu de other half of my story"

What does this qoute show?

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Half-Caste 1

This qoute shows how ridiculous racism is. He is not really half a person so it is showing racism in a humourous way but still as a serious issue.

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Half-Caste 2

The poet mentions famous artists mixing colours, why do you think he has done this?

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Half-Caste 2

He does this to show how they mixed colours to create something positive. It is the same with people.

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Presents from my Aunts.. 1

How are colours represented in the poem?

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Presents from my Aunts.. 1

There is the 'peacock-blue" which represents the rain in england which contrasts with the "orange split open" which could represent the Pakistan sun.

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Presents from my Aunts.. 2

"Candy-striped glass bangles snapped.."

What could the snapping of the bangles symbolise?

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Presents from my Aunts.. 2

They could symbolise how her links with Pakistan have broken just like her bangle.

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