Poems of the Decade


Journal of a Disappointed Man

Themes: Work//Gender//Society + Culture

Structure: repetitive, 4 line stanzas, even line lengths - conforming to society?

Language: plain simple language..goes with ordinary, unremarkable event, flat + mechanical

Perspective: 1st person voice, Motion or alter ego? v personal

Voice: chatty + colloquial, clumsy repetition, personal but not emotional 

Tone: dryly comedic and honest..very straightforward, and silent 

Imagery: masculine physicality ("monsters"), "crack of doom", "wooden pile"; distinct absence of figurative imagery 

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Genetics - Sinead Morrissey

Themes:  Family//Identity//Society + Culture

Structure: villanelle, but SM uses enjambment + half-rhymes to make sound nice; analogy between structure + twists of genetic code?

Language: semantic ambiguity, suggests unconvincing?..frequent pronouns.

Perspective: daughter, tender love poem to parents


Tone: cool and sophisticated in appearance, but underneath is a poignancy 

Imagery: church - "here is a steeple" rhyme? 

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The Gun - Vicki Feaver

Themes: Power//Gender//Conflict

Structure: variations in stanza length..

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