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what poems does the 'manhunt' link with?

In Paris with You

  • The male speaker in the poem In Paris with You is unwilling to discuss his experiences of the past, instead he is keen to focus on the present. The husband in The Manhunt is similarly closed on the subject of the past.

The Farmer's BrideTo His Coy Mistress

  • The Manhunt is written from the perspective of a woman exploring her feelings for her husband and their relationship. Many of the other poems in this collection are from a male point of view, such as The Farmer's Brideand To His Coy Mistress.
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what poems does 'hour' link with?

Sonnet 116

  • Like HourSonnet 116 makes reference to the idea of the battle between love and time, as does To His Coy Mistress.

To His Coy Mistress,

  • To His Coy Mistress is about the value of being in the present and enjoying the moment, rather than thinking ahead - the same key theme as Hour.

In Paris With You

  • Like HourIn Paris with You also rejects traditional ideas associated with love.
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what poems does 'In Paris with You' link with?

Born Yesterday

  • The poem compares well to Born Yesterday in that each poem rejects traditional ideas.


  • Hour is also about a relationship blossoming in ordinary settings, focusing on the preciousness of the present time rather than the past and future.
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what poems does 'Quickdraw' link with?


  • Like QuickdrawNettles makes use of imagery from a different context to bring significance to seemingly everyday circumstances.

Sister Maude

  • Sister Maude also presents the idea of conflict and violence in a relationship but between sisters rather than lovers.
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what poems does 'Ghazal' link with?

In Paris with You

  • Both Ghazal and In Paris with You are about feelings of longing for someone.Ghazal is less clear about the outcome whereas In Paris with You suggests that the relationship is a reality.

The Farmer's Bride

  • The Farmer's Bride has a similar sense of longing but is negative, dwelling on the way in which the farmer wishes to subdue and control his wife rather than being prepared to change like the speaker in Ghazal.
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what poems does 'brothers' link with?

Sister Maude

  • Brothers explores the relationship between siblings and the way in which time inevitably - and regrettably - separates them. There is affection between the brothers, particularly in the adoration of the younger boy. InSister Maude a much more destructive relationship between siblings is presented. Like Brothers, this poem hints at the way in which the move towards adulthood brings a distance between siblings.


  • Harmonium has a similarly nostalgic tone, using a moment from the past to closely explore a family relationship (a son's feelings for his father). ButBrothers seems more regretful in tone. Both poems use apparently insignificant events to illuminate a relationship.
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what poems does 'Praise Song for My Mother' link w

Sonnet 43

  • Sonnet 43 offers a similar listing or cataloguing of another person's qualities. In this case it is a parent, however, rather than a loved one. Both give a sense of the emotional nourishment provided by the person being described.


  • Nettles is also about the relationship between a parent and a child, although it is from the perspective of the parent. It is also about a specific event, whereas Praise Song... is concerned with the overall impression created. In each it is clear that the parent is providing security to their offspring.
  • Both end with the idea of an uncertain future; in Nettles this is quite negative, whereas Praise Song... hints at a more successful future.
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what poems does 'Harmonium' link with?


  • Nettles is a poem about the relationship between father and son, although from the perspective of the father rather than the son.

Praise Song for My Mother

  • Praise Song for My Mother is about a parent from a child's perspective, although it is more direct than Harmonium.
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what poems does 'sonnet 116' link with?

To His Coy Mistress

  • To His Coy Mistress explores the idea of time and its effect on love, although it suggests that death will bring an end unlike Sonnet 116, which suggests that love is greater than death.

Sonnet 43

  • Sonnet 43 is about defining love, although unlike Sonnet 116, it seeks to define personal love rather than love in general.
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what poems does 'sonnet 43' link with?


  • Sonnet 43 compares well with Hour - both present love as a positive and powerful force.

Sonnet 116

  • Like Sonnet 43 the Shakespearean Sonnet 116 is part of a larger sonnet sequence, and insists on the endurance of love.

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what poems does 'To His Coy Mistress' link with?


  • Hour is also about the preciousness of time to lovers, and presents the idea that time is a force which is against lovers.

Sonnet 43

  • To His Coy Mistress contrasts with Sonnet 43 in that this is a poem about the power and urgency of desire rather than the purity of love.
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what poems does 'The farmer's Bride' link with?

To His Coy Mistress

  • As in To His Coy Mistress, the female perspective is considered less important or unfathomable in The Farmer's Bride. The desires of men are given voiceat the expense of the woman's point of view.
  • Time, specifically the passage of time, is a key theme in both poems. The male narrators are aware of time passing while their desires are unfulfilled. To them time passing is a type of loss. They both want to change their relationships for the better, in their opinion, by cementing them through sexual union.
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what poems does 'Sister Maude' link with?


  • Brothers is also a poem about the relationship between siblings and the delicate balance between friendship and rivalry.

Praise Song for My Mother

  • Praise Song for My Mother is about a close family relationship, although a positive, supportive one, unlike the negative, jealous relationship presented inSister Maude.
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what poems do the 'Nettles' link with?

The Manhunt

  • In The Manhunt Simon Armitage also explores war and martial imagery in the context of a close relationship.

Praise Song for My Mother

  • Like NettlesPraise Song for My Mother by Grace Nichols is also about the actions of a caring, protective parent.
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what poems does 'Born Yesterday' link with?

To His Coy Mistress

  • To His Coy Mistress offers a good contrast to Larkin's poem as Marvell presents the idea that life is short and so people should aim for as much excitement and pleasure as possible regardless of the consequences; whereas in Born Yesterday, Larkin encourages the reader to accept life's limits, and in doing so offers a more reliable path to happiness.


  • Hour, like Born Yesterday is a poem about finding pleasure in ordinary, everyday experiences, rather than chasing the impossible and facing disappointment.
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