ANCIENT HISTORY - Alexander The Great


  •  Roman - bias towards roman army
  • Personality/Character - life story, not historical context
  • Vices and Virtues (good and bad) - good representation, not as bias
  • Teacher and preist
  • Well known, high status and influence
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  • Biographer - wrote about Alexander's life, battles and campaigns
  • Roman Consul
  • Roman Army - good knowledge of battle tactics and the life of a solider
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  • Reliable - wrote closer to Alexander's lifetime
  • Not all books survived, so limited information
  • Detailed and dramatic
  • Understood Latin
  • Travelled so had great knowledge of ALexander's campaigns
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  • Head of Calvary, with best of commanders
  • Lead calvary to Darius (Persian King)
  • Good leader
  • Inspiring
  • Eager
  • Broke through lines, scaring Darius away
  • Wanted success to make his father proud

PHALANX - battle formation

  • Tightly knit, less armour, slow to move, well trained, organised, effective, not always on time, need flat land, break in formation, pikes (8ft long) to keep Romans back
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Plutarch 9


  • Alexander takes control of a horse who was deemed as 'untamable', even though no one else could.
  • Phillip didn't believe that he could, and mocked him
  • Alexander calmed the horse, mounts it and rides away
  • Phillip is overjoyed and exclaims: "My child, you must seek a kingdom equal to yourself; Macedonia is not big enough for you."
  • Ambitious
  • Confident
  • Determined
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