Plato Analogy of the cave


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Plato - The Analogy of the Cave


From one of his best known works Republic. In this analogy, he asks us to imagine a strange scenario of people being held prisoner in a cave, and then plays out a series of events to clarify and emphasise his point. What plato wants us to understand:

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Plato - The Analogy of the Cave 2

  • The relation between the physical and the higher world of Forms.
  • How material, physical concerns blind people to what's important.
  • The ignorance of humanity when people don't engage in philosophy.
  • The potential for true knowledge that philosophy brings.
  • There's another world which we can't see from the position we're in but we can reach it and this will give us enlightenment.
  • The initial difficulties of getting involved with philosophy.
  • The hostility people feel when they're faced with philosophical ideas which challenge their previously held beliefs.
  • The injustice of the death of Socrates.
  • That education isn't stuffing people's minds with info, but drawing out things they already know and encouragement for them to become new kinds of people.
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