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Acrylic is good as it can come in a range of colours and transparencies.

Also it is waterproof and resistant to weathering, however it can scratch..

It is brittle but stronger and often more suitable than glass as this can crack and shatter.

It is used commonly in models but in everyday life you will find it is used to make objects like shop signs, caravan windows, and car light coverings.

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Polystyrene - rigid

This form of polystyrene is rigid mather than slightly squashy

It has good impact resistance thus will not break easily so is quite durable due to its rigidness

It has low water absorption so it is basically wateproof, also it is lightweight thereofre qhuite handy

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Polystyrene - expanded

This material is durbale and has excellent impact resistance due to its slightly flexible walls, it is used in packaging for protection in a transfer

It is a good heat insulator thus is commonly used for cups to hold hot soup e.t.c.

It is lightweight so is good for models plus for packging it adds little extra weight

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This appears to be quite similar to expanded polystyrene, it is a rigid material with high compression strength

It can be glued with PVA to form larger sheets of the material for larger models or extra parts can be stuck onto a shape to form a more complex model

It is easy to cut and when sanded gives a good smooth finish which can be painted to give va quality finish.

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This has a transparent appearance, has a low density and it lightweight but is tough

Plus it usually used to contain fizzy drinks as it does not flavour the contents, it is a good barrier against atmospheric gases and prevents gases from escaping the bottle


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Polyvinyl chloride

Otherwise known as PVC, this is chemical resistant thus does not corrode, plus it does not rot

This plastic protects the contents from moisture and gases, also it is abrasive resistant so is resistant to rough surfaces

It can either rigid or flexible

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Sometimes referred to as PP, this plastic is lightweight, rigid and good impact resistance

Like quite a few polymers it can be either stiff or flexible

It is resistant to corrosion and moisture

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