Plastic molding

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Injection Moulding

  • The most common manufacturing process 

1. Plastic Granules placed in hopper.

2. Heater melts plastic into a thick liquid which is pushed towards the steel mould by a screw.

3. A hydraulic ram forces the plastic into the mould which is then cooled and the object is released.

  • Examples: Plastic Plates, Childrens toys and Plastic Chairs.Injection Moulding diagram (
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Blow Moulding

1. Plastic granules placed in hooper.

2. Heater melts plastic which forms a hot tube inside the mould.

3. Compressed air is forced into the tube inside the mould making the plastic expand to fit the mould.

4. The mould is cooled and the product is realased.

Plastics used: polythene, PVC and polypropylene.Blow Moulding diagram (

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