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physical may loose there appatite , be unable to sleep and lose teh will to look after themselvs properly .

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may loose intrest in things arround them . they may not be able to concentrate on a task .

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the person could feel a sence of greif , loss , depression and a possible shock if the death was unexpected . they may feel isolated and alone . they may not feel valued .

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the person could have lost companionship and support of there partner . they have also lost there role as someones partner . they must adapt to the new way of life as a single person

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realationship changes

many of the most stressfull life events are to do with realationship changes . thease are the events that are often most difficult to adapt to . realatiopnship changes include getting married , moving in ith a partner , the birth of children and the death of partner , reletive or a freind .

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puberty is a time of physical and emotional changes . it is the stage between childhood and adulthood the attinment of sexual maturity . both boys and girls experiance puberty . there are changes in body size and shape . the reproductive organs develop . boys usually experiance a sudden voice change and both sexes star to grow more hair on there body .

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the menopause

the menopause is the end of a womans reproductive life . she may have to come to terms with the fact that she can no longer have children . the menopause can be a main event for some wommen . it will affect there development differentley . some will be pleased that they no longer have to worry about having children , others may feel a sence of loss .

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