Pieces of Silver

a summary and analysis of the story Pieces of Silver from Opening Worlds.

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The characters

Clement: poor but, kind opposite to teacher, brave.

Evelina: motherly and resourceful, kind

Parents: kind but distant don't really care what happening to Clement at school.

Acting headmaster: pompous and strict, cruel.

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The school wants money for the retiring headmaster and some boys (including clement) cannot afford to pay, they are humiliated and punished by the cruel acting headmaster. Clement goes home and asks for money, his parents cannot give him any so him and his sister go out singing. They collect lots of money but the most from the retiring headmaster. Clement pays for all the boys that cannot afford it in front of the whole school.

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School life so could be compared to The Winter Oak (both strict schools and teachers taught lesson by children but teacher wellmeaning in the Winter Oak)

Strict disipline so could be compared to The Red Ball (again parent wellmeaning in Red Ball)

Misuse of power and bullying ( the teacher this contrasts with the childish goodness and protection of Evelina)

Poverty (ironic that Headmaster pays for himself in the end and interesting that teachers treat poverty like a crime compares with Red Ball as both children want money but Clement does not just take it for himself)

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I will do this Leela's friend Games at twilight and the winter oak :)



btw way i have already done the young couple and the red ball



I have done them now :)

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