Piaget's Concrete Operational Stage


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  • 7-11 years
  • Logical thought processes are still limited to thinking about concrete objects and problems. eg. a child can think about fractions in relation to real objects such as a cake cut into quarters, but cannot perform abstract mathematical operations.
  • Examples of Logical Thought in Concrete Operational Child: Conservation, Compensation, Serial ordering, Transitivty, Class Inclusion
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Understanding that properties of objects and materials can remain the same despite changes in outward appearance

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Understanding that one feature can compensate for another

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Serial ordering

(Seriation) - Organising concrete objects into order. eg. ordering seven sticks of different lengths from shortest to longest

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(Mental Seriation) - Making inferences on the basis of information given. eg. knowing that stick A is longer than stick B, and stick B is longer than stick C, the child could reason that stick A must be longer than stick C

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Class Inclusion

Distinguishing between superordinate and subordinate categories

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