Physics Revision : Centre of Mass


P3 : Centre of Mass


  • The centre of mass hangs directly below the point of suspension
  • The point where the weight (gravity) seems to act
  • Point where the object balances
  • The lower the centre of mass, the more stable the object will be
  • The bugger the base the more stable the object will be

Finding the centre of mass:

  • Hang the card on a pin near its edge
  • Make sure the card is hanginf freely
  • Use a pendulum to hang off the pin ad hang vertically down
  • Use the pendulum to draw a line on the card vertically down
  • Repeat this for another place near the edge of the card
  • Where the lines cross is the centre of mass

Suspended objects are stable when their centre of mass is directly below the suspension point (where it is hung from)

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