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 static elcetricty.

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nuclear radiation is used in medicine

 xrays and gamma rays are electromagnetic waves

nuclear radiation damges cells

gamma rays and xrays have similar wave lengths but are produced in different ways.

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what is my job called if i do xrays to make sure what is wrong with people?

a radiographer

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a radiographer

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how can radiation help  with cleaning  hospital equipment?

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it stearlises it and cleans it for other use.

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how can  radiation help with a CT scan or xrays ?

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 it  uses a small amount of radiation and passes it through the body to see  what is wrong with the patient.

radio therpary.

shows if they have broken bones or cancer cells.

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which radiation  types can be used as tracers?

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air conducts electricity and a small current flows and smoke enters the alarm, this absorbs the a particles, the current reduces, and the alarm sounds.

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smoke alarm uses what radiation?  

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carbon 14 is used too ?

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is a radioactive isotope of carbon, Its nucleus contains 6 protons and 8 neutrons,

It's an isotope of Carbon and it is used for carbon dating for determining the age of rocks and such.

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beta radiation is used for?

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 beta source can be used to measure the thickness of aluminium foil

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exposing materials to radioactivity can make them absorb  neutrons and becom radioactive.

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write down one use of nuclear radiation?


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background radiation is always present in the enirovnment? where does radiation come from?

soil and rocks

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which types of nuclear radiation can pass through the skin?


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people who work with nuclear radiation have to wear proective clothing. they must make sure that they are not exposed to too much radiation. give one reason why?

so they dont get exposed so they dont get cancerous cells.

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radiaactivite alpha sources are used in smoke dectecors

background radiation comes from rocks and soil.

 background radiation also comes from cosmic rays.

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radioactivie carbon is used to work out  the age of old materials such as eqyptian mummies or wooden object

tracers can be used to find leaks  and  blockages in underground pipes.

 the radiation all around us is called  background radiation.

tracers are also used to find the route or location of underground pipes.

radioactivity  can also be used to date these .e.g rocks.

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the plug has a fuse in  it for safety. describe how the fuse works.

a fuse is a very thin wire so iff too much electricity goes in it , it snaps and doesnt  let anymore electricty in it.

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the hairdryer does not have an earth wire. it is double unsulated.

explain why a double insulated appliance does not need earthing?

it doesnt  need an earth wire because the earth wire makes it safe but this appliance is double insulated so safe to touch.

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 noel first measures the radiation in the enviorment.

a) what do we call the radiaition that is always present?

background radiation

b)where does this radiation in the environment

cosmic rays, rocks, soil

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 there are three types of nuclear radiation.

alpha and gamma are two of the types.

a) write down the name of the third type of nuclear radiation?


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