Physics P3 - Electromagnetic Force and Induction

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Electromagnetic Force

  • Electromagnetic force is the force experienced by a wire when it is put into a magnetic field.
  • It is also called the motor effect.

The force acting on the wire in the motor effect is increased when;

  • A stronger magnet is used.
  • The current is increased

The force can also be reversed if;

  • The current is reversed.
  • The magnet is reversed.
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Elctromagnetic Induction

  • Electromagnetic induction is when a potential difference is induced when a wire cuts through a magnetic field.
  • This is also called the generator effect.

The p.d is increased when;

  • There are more turns on the coil
  • The magnet is replaced by a stronger one.

The p.d is reversed if;

  • The poles were swopped around.
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