Physics P2 Formulae and equations

The Equations that are needed for te Physics p2 AQA

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Acceleration = Change In Speed ÷ Time Taken

M/S² = M/S ÷ Seconds

Used to calculate the acceleration of an object from a graph or given data

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Weight= Mass x Gravitational Field Strength

N = Kg x N/Kg

This is for when the object is on earth and is not falling.

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Resultant Force

Resultant Force= Mass x Acceleration

N= Kg x M/S²

Used when an object falls freely and the resultant force usually makes the object accelerate at 10M/S²

This Equation then becomes:

Weight = Mass x Acceleration due to gravity

N= Kg x M/S²

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Work Done

Work Done= Force x Distance Moved

Joules (J) = Neuton (N) x Metres (M)

Work Done= Energy Transferred

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Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy = 1/2 mass x Speed²

Joule (J) = 1/2 Kilogram (Kg) x Metre Per Second² (m/s²)

Used To Calculate the energy of movement of an object

Higher Level

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Momentum = Mass x Velocity

Kgm/s = Kg x M/S

Total Mommentum before an interaction is the same as Total Momentum after, when there are no external forces...

"Conservation of Momentum"

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Force= Change In Momentum ÷ Time Taken

N = Kg m/s ÷ s

This is when a force acts on an object and chages its momentum

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Resistance = Potential Difference ÷ Current

Ohms Ω = Volts V ÷ Amperes A

This Equation is known as Ohms Law

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Power (1)

Power = Energy Transferred ÷ Time

Watts (W) = Joules (J) ÷ Seconds (S)

Measures the rate at which energy is moved from one place to another

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Power (2)

Current and P.D. can also be used to calculate the power of a device

Power = Current x Potential Difference

Watts (W) = Ampres (A) x Volts (V)

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Charge = Current x Time

Coulombs (C) = Ampere (A) x Seconds (S)

Where there is a current of one amp for one second the charge flowing is one coulomb

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