Physics P2

-Forces and their effects

-Kenetic energy


-Atoms and radiation

-Life cycles of stars

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What is the unit of force?

The Newton, N

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What is air resistance?


-Example: The faster a car moves, the more air resistance it gains.

-An object can avoid air resistance by being small and smoothed out

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5. What happens to a moving object if the resultan

It slows down in the direction of the resultant force

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What force is needed to give an acceleration of 2


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4 N is applied to a 2 kg object. What is its accel


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What does the gradient on a distance time graph re


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What does the gradient on a velocity time graph re


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What does a horizontal line on a velocity time gra

Constant velocity

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Whats thinking distance?

Thinking distance is the distance travelled between the need for braking and the brakes starting to act.

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Whats breaking distance?

The distance taken to stop once the brakes have been applied

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What can increase thinking distance?




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In which direction does friction act?

In the opposite direction of movement

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Vertical forces are balanced when...

It reaches terminal velocity 

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Elastic potential energy can be stored only when s

false, when it is stretched and squashed

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