Physics P1a About Maglev trains

This is about maglev trains about how elctromagnets and superconducters are used tomove a maglev train.

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Maglev trains

The train is levitating, so it hovers a few centimetres above the track. It is supported by very strong magnets which reduces friction.

Superconducters are a material that has extrewmely low resistance and so conducts electricity incredibely well. Superconducters are very important because they can be used to make strong electromagnets. They are so good at conducting electricity.

This electromagnets are used for the first magnetically levitating train (shortened to Maglev).

A Maglev train works by using superconducting electromagnets. The electromagnets on the track are constantly changing by a computer so the front always attracts and the behind always repels. This constantly pulls and pushes the train along the track.

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