Physics - Heat transfer and efficiency

Heat and transfer efficiency 

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What are the three things that heat can be transferred by?

Dark surfaces are...

Heat is...

What do conduction and convection involve?

What does radiation involve?

Are metals good conductor of heat?

What are poor conductors of heat called?

The hotter the metal...

When does convection occur?

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Conduction, convection and radiation 

Better at absorbing heat energy compared to light surfaces 

Thermal energy 


electromagnetic waves 



the more kinetic vibrations it will have

convection occurs when particles with a lot of heat energy in a liquid or gas move and take the place of particles with less heat energy  

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Heat energy is transferred from...

What happens when liquids and gases are heated?

Why is this?

What do all objects give out and take in?

The hotter an object is...

What is infrared radiation a type of?

Name three things in a house which heat is lost from?

How is heat energy transferred through walls?

How can the three that give out heat be reduced?

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hot places to cooler places by convection 

they expand 

This is because when the particles are heated they move faster than they would if they were cold

thermal radiation (also called infrared)

The more heat radiation it emits

electromagnetic radiation 

Windows, the roof, and the walls

through conduction 

windows: double glazing walls: cavity wall insulation the roof: loft insulation 

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What is the way to remember the forms of energy, name all ten: 

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Most Kids Hate Learning GCSE Energy Names 

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