Physics GCSE P4 - Equations

Equations from ocr 21st century science P4

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Calculating Speed

Speed (m/s) = Distance Travelled (m)


     Time Taken (s)

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Momentum (kg m/s) = Mass (kg) x Velocity (m/s)

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Change in momentum

Change in momentum (kg m/s) = Resultant force (N) x Time the force acts for (s)

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Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy (J) = 1/2 x Mass (kg) x Velocity² (m/s)²

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Work Done

Work Done by a force (J) = Force (N) x Distance moved by the force (m)

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Change in Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE)

Change in GPE (J) = Weight (N) x Vertical height difference (m)

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