Physics Formula

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Efficiency = (Power output/Power input) x 100

Effciency = (Useful energy out/energy in) x 100

Mass is meaured in Kg

Weight is measured in Newtons - 1Kg = 10N

Weight(N) = mass(Kg) x gravity(N/Kg)

Work is measured in joules 

Work(J) = Force(N) x Distance(m)

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Power(W) = Energy transferred(J)/Time taken(s)

Power(W) = Work done(J)/ Time taken (s)

Kinetic Energy = 0.5 x Mass x Velocity (Squared)

                       = 0.5MV

Potential Energy(J) = Mass (kg) x G x Height(m)

P.E.                        = mgh 

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Force(N) = Mass(kg) x Acceloration(m/s ) 

When objects fall they accelorate at 10m/s

Momentum(kgm/s) = Mass(kg) x Velocity(m/s)

Resultant Force = Mass(kg) x Acceloration (m/s)

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