Physics Equations

GCSE Additional Science. (PHYSICS) Equations to revise.

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Speed, Distance, Time

Speed is distance divided by time taken. (

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Acceleration, Velocity, Time

Acceleration is change in velocity divided by time taken (

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Resultant force, Mass, Acceleration

resultant force (newton, N) = mass (kg) × acceleration (m/s2)

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Weight, Mass, Gravitational field strength

weight (N) = mass (kg) × gravitational field strength (N/kg)

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Work done, Force, Distance

work done (joule, J) = force (newton, N) × distance (metre, m)

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Momentum, Mass, Velocity

momentum (kg m/s) = mass (kg) × velocity (m/s)

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Kinetic energy, Mass, Speed

kinetic energy = 12 × mass × speed2

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Force, Change in momentum, Time taken

Force is equal to: dividing the change in momentum by the time taken for the change (

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