Physics End Of Year Exam Formulas

formulas for 3eme exam in physics

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Physics End Of Year Exam Formulas 1

  • Chapter 1
  • 1L=1dm cube
  • Density=mass/volume
  • 1kg=10N
  • Hooke's Law
  • F is the stretching force
  • e is the extension
  • K is the force constant
  • F= K x e
  • Moments And Forces
  • (moment of a force)Nm=(force)N x (perpendicular distance of the line of action of the force from the fulcrom)m
  • LAW OF MOMENTS: clockwise moment=anti-clockwise moment
  • Mechanical Advantage (MA)= load/effort
  • Velocity Ratio (VR)= distance moved by effort/ distance moved by load
  • Pressure
  • The unit of Pressure is Pa
  • Pressure(Pa)= Force(N) or Weight(N)/Area
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Physics End Of Year Exam 2

  • Energy
  • Work(J)=Force x Distance moved
  • Power(W)= Work/Time taken
  • Kinetic Energy or KE(J)= 0.5 x Mass x Volume squared
  • Gravitational Potential Energy(J)= Mass x Gravity(N/kg) x change in height(m)
  • Elastic Energy(J)= Average Force x Distance x Gravity On Earth
  • Temperature
  • Absolute Zero= Coldest Possible Temperature= -273 degrees C or 0 K in kelvin scale
  • Expansion= Linear Expansivity x Original Length x Temperature Rise
  • Specific Heat Capacity(J/kg x degree C)= Heat Required To Produce 1 degree C Rise In 1kg
  • Heat Received Or Given Out= Mass x Temperature= m(kg) x T(degree C) x c(Specific Heat Capacity)
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