Physics AS Experiments

Experiments from the specification

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Determine speed and acceleration, for example use

Light Gate, Clampstand, Ruler, Card, Computer

 -Set up clampstand with lightgate attached connected to a data logger.

 -Have a ruler clamped above the lightgate.

1. At a particular height, drop an object through the light gate and record the velocity from the data logger.
2. Repeat at a range of displacements.
3. Draw graph of Velocity/time
4. Gradient of graph should be equal to 'g'

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Determine speed and acceleration, for example use

diagram of apparatus (

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Strobe photography or video camera to analyse moti

Steel ball (2.5 cm in diameter is ideal), Camera and multiflash system, Retort stand and boss, Lamp, 500 W

Making the image 
Set up the multiflash system.b Start the camera and multiflash system and then launch the ball by rolling it along the bench, so that it rolls off. 

Analyzing the image 
c Use the horizontal and vertical scales to compare the horizontal and vertical spacings of the ball images. 
d Describe what happens to the horizontal spacings between each position of the ball. 
e Describe how the vertical spacings change. 

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How to find the coefficient of viscosity of a flui

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How to find young’s modulus of a material

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How to find the tensile strength of a material

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