Physics- AQA GCSE Additional Science- P2

 For Physics, AQA GCSE P2

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Speed, Distance, Time, Acceleration, Velocity

Speed- how fast- m/s or Km/s

Distance- how far- m or Km

Time- how long- s or min


1.  Speed (m/s) = distance travelled (m)  divided by time taken (s)

2. Time (s) = distance travelled (m) divided by speed (m/s)

3. Distance Travelled (m) = Speed (m/s) x Time (s)        

acceleration= speed moving up

deceleration= speed slowing down                   

Acceleration (m/s/s)(m/s squared) = change in velocity (m/s) divided by time taken (s)

Deceleration = same as acceleration but in negative value

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