Physics 3 - Electromagnetism - Electromagnetic Induction

Revision Cards for Electromagnetic Induction, hope this helps! :]

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Electromagnetic Induction

A generator contains coils of wire that spin in a magnetic field. A potential difference (voltage) is created or induced across the ends of the wire when it cuts across the magnetic field lines. If the wire is part of a complete circuit, the induced p.d. makes an electric current pass round the circuit. 

This current can be increased if:

- A stronger magnet is used

- The wire moves faster

The Dynamo Effect:

If you were to connect some insulated wire to an ammeter, and move the wires between the poles of a U-Shaped magnet; You would observe that the ammeter pointer deflects as a current is generated when the wire cuts across the magnetic field. This, is whats known as the Dynamo Effect.

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