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Key Words.

Velocity - How fast something is moving in a certain direction.

Speed - Distance travelled in a certain time. Usually in m/s.

Acceleration - How quickly the velocity is changing. This change in velocity can be a change in speed or a change in direction or both.

Weight - Force on an object due to the force of gravity on a planet.

Mass - Amount of matter in an object. Measured in kilograms (Kg).

Resultant Force - Single force that would have the same overall effect of all the forces on an object combined.

Force - Push or pull that changes the way an object is moving, or its shape. Measured in newtons (N).

Terminal Velocity - Maximum velocity of an object when the forces on it are balanced. Usually applied to objects falling under gravity.

Stopping Distance - Sum of thinking distance and breaking distance.

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Key Words.

Work Done - Energy transferred, measured in joules (J). Work done is equal to force applied x distance moved in the direction of the force.

Kinetic Energy - Energy due to the movement of an object.

Power - Work done (or energy transferred) in a given time. Measured in watts (W).

Momentum - Mass of an object x velocity (v).

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