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The Universe:1

1. What is thought to be left over from the Big Bang that provides evidence for it?

Microwaves are thought to be left over from the Big Bang and provide eviudence for it.

2. Evidence for the Big Bang is provided by which of these answers?

Red shift provides evidence for the Big Bang. It is a change in the frequency of the light that we see from a distant star.

3.What advantage do space probes have over other types of space flight?

The main advantage of space probes is tha Astronauts are not needed.

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The universe:2

1.What planet did viking 1 and 2 land upon?

Viking 1 and 2 landed on the surface of Mars in the 1970's. They took photos and analysed soil samples.

2.What is the organisation devoted to searching for life in space?

SETI stands for Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. This organisation soley searches for life in space.

3. What type of telascope obseves visible light in space?

Optical telascopes observe visible light from space. These are the most common type of telascope. All telascopes are visible.

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The universe:3

1. Why are X-Ray telascopes often flown in balloons?

X-Ray telascopes are often flown in balloons so that X-Rays are not absorbed by the atmosphere. This gives clearer images.

2.What are galaxy made from?

A galaxy is made from millions of stars. These may or may not have planets orbiting them.

3.Approximatly how long ago did the Big Bang happen?

The Big Bang occured approximatly 13.7 billion years ago. Light years are a measeurement of distance in space.

4.Why is the most common theory to support the Big Bang.

Obbservations show that most of the celestial boddies, stars and galaxy's are moving a away from us (Red shifted) Which is a good reason to support the Big Bang Theory.

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Renewable Energy:1

1. Coal is a non-renewable energy source. This means there is a limited amount of it on the earth.

2. What does wind directly turn to create energy.

It directly turns a turbine to create energy.

 3. An advantage of wind energy is that it does create any harmfull gases.

4. A dam is needed to create Hydro-Electric power. It is released to drive a Genarator.

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Renewable Energy:2

1.What is the disadvantage of hydroelectric power?

Dams destroy the habitarts od estuary species is a disadvantage of hydroelectric power. These often include rare birds.

2. What energy does not come from the sun?

 Geothermal energy is powered by the heat in the Earth and not the Sun. The convection currents that make our weather is driven by the heat of the Sun.

3. What is the disadvantage of geothermal energy?

The fact that the power station's can only be placed in certain areas like iceland or california as there is fault lines there.

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Renewable Energy:3

1. What do photovoltaic panels generate?

Photovolitaic panels convert the Sun's energy directly into energy.

2. What is the disadvantage of using solar pannels.

The solar pannels that convert solar energy do not work at night.

3. Where does the power come from in geothermal power stations come from.

The heat of the earths core.

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