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Series Circuits

Series circuits are either on or off. This means that the circuit has to be fully complete for the current to be able to flow through. So the switch has to be closed and no breaks in the circuits can occur.

The potential differences across the components add up to the potential different of the cell(battery).

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Parallel Circuits

Parallel cirtcuirs are able to take different route, unlikes series circuits. This means the circuit doesn’t have to be fully complete for the current to be able to flow through. So it can be on whilst other ‘bits’ are off.

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The potential difference

The potential difference is also voltage.

Different batteries have different potential differences. This means you can put several batteries together and make a bigger potential difference.

So, if you increase the potential difference more current will flow.

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Resistance= potential difference % current

Resistance is anything that slows down the flow of the current. It is measured in ohms.

In other words, resistance is how easily electricity can flow.

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The basics!

Basics of circuits:
1.The electrical current is the flow of charge around a circuit.

2. It can only flow if a circuit is complete.

3. The moving charges are negative electrons.

4. Current is NOT used up.

5. The total current in a circuit is always the same.

6. The negative electrons flow the opposite way to the direction of the conventional current. It is shown on circuits as arrows pointing always from positive to negatives.

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