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Components of fitness




Cardiovascular Endurance

Muscular Endurance

COF are fitness elements that affect our sporting performance and ability to exersise.

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Fitness tests

12 min cooper run - Cardiovascular Endurance (Aim: Complete as many circuits as you can in 12 mins)

Multistage fitness test/ Bleep test - Cardiovascular Endurance (Aim: Run between the two cones that are set out 20yards apart before the beep goes on the cd)

Press ups/ Sit ups - Muscular Endurance (Aim: As many as you can do in the time set)

30m sprint test - Speed (Aim: How fast you cant sprint the 30m)

Hand grip dynomometer - Strength (Aim: How hard you can squeeze the hand grip dynaomometer)

Sit and reach - Flexability (Aim: How far you can reach your toes)

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Warm up and cool down

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