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just some case studies on tectonic activity

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Mount St helens - volcano MEDC

This is located in the Cascade range in the washington state in North America. This volcano was formed at a destructive plate boundary and the plates involved are Juan de fuca and the North american plate.The eruption took place in the 18th May 1980 at 8:32am. This volcano caused an earthquake of 5.1 on the rihter scale.

This caused landlsides, pyroclastic waves and mud flows blocking roads meaning there was no way out. Crops were destroyed, people suffocated, animals were found dead, houses and businesses were ruined.It iped out everything within 27km north of the crater. Trees uprooted and tossed around however only 57 people died in this devestating volcano.

The responses were that helicopters were sent to rescue people from homes, emergency treatments were set up, Ash was cleared from roads and the uS president sent 2million dollars for masks to prevent gases from the ash and lahars from suffocating people.Everything needed to be rebuilt so the tourist economy would boost and increase the cities money.

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Soufriere hills volcano - monsterrat LEDC

Located just off the north of south america and the east of north america.It's a small island in the caribbean and still part of the british colony. It's a very mountainous island which used to be very popular before the eruption.

It was on a destructive plate boundary and the plates which caused it were the Atlantic and caribbean plate. The eruption began in july 1995 and half of the population were evacuated in august 1995.These eruptions continued and the eruption was caused on June 1997 killing 23 people and destroying over half the island.

Everything was destroyed and this made the island lose money due to the airport being blocked and this made the economy badly decrease. After this the aid which came together was £41 million for the rebuild of the island and £10.5 for the relocation of the homeless.

However over the next few years britain donated £220 million for the rebuiding making a new airport and rebuilding the wole half of the island.

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Earthquake - Gujurat India 2001

In the state of gujurat in north india and in an active earthquake zone. The two plates indo- australian plate and the eurasion plate. The epicentre was close yo bhachau.

The magnitude was measured 7.9 on the richtor scale.

Over 20,000 people died, 160,000 were injured, 600,000 left homeless, buildings collapsed blocking 90% pf the streets. The rubble was everywhere destroying everything. 48hours passed before rescue work began and complaints were told to the authorities for lack of preparation for this and in most places resue workers only had the use of shovels.

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USA seattle 2001 - MEDC earthquake

Located in the USA in seattle on the pacific coast of the united states

The pacific and notyh american plate moved past each other slowly but eratically and as seattle was on the fault line near the margin of these two plates it got hit the most.

The magnitude measured 6.8 on the rictor scale.

It shattered windows,buildings swayed, rubble fell off buildings but didn't destroy them. Buildings shuddered but remained stable it buckled some roads and railway lines causing electricity blackouts and pwrkers evacuated. One women died due to shock, 250 were injured because of falling debris and transport was disrupted.

Many places opened in 48 hours and the city was running again by then as iin the past 50 years buildings has been made earthquake proof.

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