Physical Geography Of Africa

Topic for end of year geography exam revision of physical geography of Africa.

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The Rift Valley In Kenya

  • A Rift Valley is when two tectonic plates collide and are pushed together which causes cracks in the earth.
  • Volcanos are found because when molton rock comes out of the cracks magma comes to the surfce and the ash and lava start the volcanos.
  • Lakes form on the floor of the Rift Valley because water gets trapped which flowed from other valleys and formed more lakes eg. Lake Nakuru.
  • Mountains on and in the valley are Mount Kenya and Mount Longonot. 
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Climate of Africa

  • Africa is in the middle of the equator.
  • Below the equator seasons are the opposite to ours eg. Our summer is their winter.
  • There are no real seasons next to the equator.
  • The hottest part is North equator.
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Relief Rainfall

eg. Ethopian Highlands

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Convectional Rainfall

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Frontal Rainfall

eg. Cape Town in Winter

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