Physical Geog- Hydrology

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MEDC Flood- Mississippi, 1973

  • 4000km long
  • Flows through 10 states
  • Drains 40% of the USA's water
  • Source near the Canadian border

Engineering Solutions to Flooding

Hard Engineering

  • 300 dams built along the river because tributries allowed more water into the river
  • Canalisation- concrete slabs to stop erosion and increase flow
  • Diversary Spillways- diverts water from Mississippi to a manmade, empty river
  • Concrete Revetments- a big concrete levee joined together by chains
  • Sections of river straightened to increase flow

Soft Engineering

  • Afforestation- planting trees to soak up through roots and to slow down the flow
  • Warning Signals
  • Floodplain zoning- pick an area of land to 'sacrifice' to protect the rest
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