Physical Education

Revision for the Physical Education Exam. There are 11 chapters to revise altogether. The exam is on 24th May 2011.

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PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND AGE - Old peole take longer to recover - Skill levels improve with experience - Flexibilty may be high in teens, but decreases with age - Strength decreases in older people. Young people wil not reach max strength until fully grown - Oxygen Capacity measn you heart becomes less efficient AGE DIVISIONS - For safety Modified version of sport e.g. Tag rugby for younger people - Clubs and groups are sorted by age

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PHYSICAL - Loss of limbs INCLUSION - A policy that no-one should experience barriers to learning as a disability, heritage, gender, special needs, ethnicity, social group, sexuality, race or culture. MENTAL - Aspergus - Autism ADAPTION - Football: a bell in the ball - Wheelchair tennis: Two bounces for the ball

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