Physical Education

A summary on the muscles

11 major muscle groups

1. Quadriceps:

2. Hamstrings

3. Gastrocnemius

4. Pectorals

5. Abdomanals: this is the stomach area. when it .

6. Biceps - contract to make the arm flex at the elbow. This contraction is used when lifting a barbell. Biceps work antagonistically with triceps.

7. Triceps - contract to make the arm extend. This contraction is useful in a game of basketball when a player is shooting the ball. Triceps work antagonistically with biceps.

8. Deltoid - This is the shoulder

9. Latissium Dorsi- This is the area below the armpit

10.Trapezius - The area in between the neck and the shoulder

11. Gluteus maximus - This is the backside.(

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