Physical Development

The Physical Development for all life stages

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  • At 6 months a child can support their own weight of they are held upright
  • At 10 months they are able to stand up with support
  • Thier first birthday, they can walk whilst holding an adults hand
  • At 18 months they can start to run
  • At 2 years old they can kick a ball
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Early Childhood

  • Children can begin to skip and jump
  • Balancing begins to develop
  • Fine motor skills progress - drawing and painting
  • They become increasingly co-orindated in physical activities - playing games
  • Growth in height and weight still increasing
  • By 5 Children begin to control bowel and bladder problems


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  • Girls show major changes associated with puberty between 10-13 and boys follow two years later on
  • sex hormones is responsible for all the changes - growth in body hair genital organ and secondary sexual organ (uterus) and physical organs (intestines)
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Early Adulthood

  • People are at their peak of phyiscal fitness and fertility
  • At the end they are much less physically active and much heavier
  • Hair becomes thinner and recedes in males
  • eye-sights for both sexes deteriorates, often long-sighted
  • women still menstruate and still having babies in their forties
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Middle Adulthood

  • Menopause can take 1-2 years to complete due to no more viable eggs however hormones are relaeased in higher quanities. it can lead to night sweats, hot flashes and less interest in sex
  • further hair loss in males and long sightedness, reduced skin (elcsticity) difficulties with mobilites
  • balance may nor be as good and sense of smell may decline
  • In early and middle adulthodd there is no change in height (skeleton completely developed)

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Later Adulthood

  • Skin becomes thinner and less elestic - wrinkles
  • Bones becomes less dense more fractures
  • Muscles become wearker therefore less power
  • Joints become stiff and cause reduced movement and it is painful
  • Height shrinks due to disc compression
  • heart is less efficent in delivering blood
  • BP rises with age
  • Breathing is less efficent and muscles are weaker
  • Balance is impaired

Weight starts to change and people may get fatter or thinner

Height Reduction

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