Phyiscal Education: Risks

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General and specific risks

General Risk = Can be associated with a wide range of sports, e.g pulling a muscle or spraining your ankle

Activity Related Risk = Only associated with a particular sport, e.g being hit with a hockey stick in hockey.

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Reducing risks through personal readiness

1. Complete a PAR-Q = Identifies any personal health risks, therefore allowing you to limit participation when needed.

2. Allow recovery time = To prevent over-use injury.

3. Warm Up = To prevent Injury.

4. Use the correct clothing = Added protection, e.g Shin pads.

5. Obey the rules of the game  = To stop injury to yourself and others.

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Reducing risks through other measures

1. Make sure the competition is balanced = Don't have a 25 year old vs an 11 year old in Judo.

2. Check the equipment

3. Check the facilities = The environment the game is being played in is clear and obstacle free. 

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