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photosynthesis intro....

Photosynthesis is the chemical change which happens on the green leaves of the plants. It is the first step the plants go through to make there food.

During this reaction, carbon dioxide and water are realised and transformed into glucose and oxeygeon.

for this reaction to take place its needs sunlight and chlorophill.

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plants are known as producers, that means they makr there own food, they produce their food via photosynthesis.

Provides the energy needed.

The water is absorbed by the plants roots.

CARBON DIOXIDE:                                                                                            Enters the leaf through holes called the STOMATA.

Is were the chemical reaction takes place.

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a bit extraaaaa;D

  • Photosynthesis occurs un the leaf.
  •  Its needs -CHLOROPHILL, -CO2 (from the air), - WATER (from the soil absorbed by roots) -SUNLIGHT ENERGY (any light except green light)
  • Produces-  OXEYGEON ( waste product, lets it out in the atmosphere)
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