The Equation for Photosynthesis

4 things that are needed for Photosynthesis to occur

Limiting factors in Photosynthesis

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The Equation for Photosynthesis

This is the Equation for Photosynthesis

(Sunlight and Chlorophyll)

Carbon Dioxide + Water ---------------> Glucose + Oxygen

4 things that are needed for photosynthesis to take place...

1) Light = mostly from the sun.

2) Chlorophyll = the green substance inside a plant cell which a) turns the color of the leaf green and b) uses the energy from sunlight to combine Carbon dioxide and Water to create Glucose, Oxygen is just a by-product of this reaction.

3) Carbon Dioxide = enters the leaf from the the air around the plant.

4) Water = Comes from the soil up through the roots and stem and into the leaf.

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The Rate of Photosynthesis

Limiting Factors in Photosynthesis

  • At night, light is the limiting factor.
  • In winter, its mostly the temperature thats the limiting factor.
  • If its warm and bright, the amount of the co2 is often the limiting factor.
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