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Ideal Conditions for Farming

  • most ideal way is to grow them in a greenhouse
  • greenhouses trap the sun's heat and make sure the temperature doesnt over exceed and become limiting
  • in winter - a heater may be used 
  • in summer - shades and ventilation may be used
  • light is ALWAYS needed for photosynthesis, so many farmers supply artificial light as it is more reliable and still works at night 
  • farmers may increase the level of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse
  • enclosing plants prevents pests or diseases, this way, the farmer can add fertilisers to the soil to provide minerals for healthy growth
  • although, it is costly BUT, if farmers keep the conditions right, the plants grow much faster and a good crop can be grown more often and can be sold. 
  • by keeping the right conditions, the farmer doesnt waste or lose any money
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Plants Using Glucose

  • 1. Respiration:
    • plants create glucose in their leaves 
    • they also use glucose for respiration
    • this releases energy enabling them to convert the rest of the glucose into other useful substances, using them to build new cells and grow
    • producing substances means they need to gather minerals from the soil as well
  • 2. Making Cell Walls:
    • glucose is converted into CELLULOSE to make strong cell walls in a rapidly growing plant
  • 3. Making Proteins:
    •  Glucose is combined with nitrate ions, absorbed from the soil, making amino acids made into proteins
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Plants Using Glucose

  • 4. Stored in Seeds:
    •  Glucose is turned into lipids, fats and oils, stored in seeds
    • sunflower seeds contain a lot of oil 
    • seeds also store starch 
  • 5. Stored as Starch:
    •  Glucose is turned into starch and stored in roots, stems and leaves
    • they are ready to use when photosynthesis isnt happening
    • starch is insoluble - better for storing 
    • a cell with lots of glucose would bring in lots of water and swell up
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