what are the mark points of the light dependent re

  • chlorphyll absorbs light energy via photoionistaion 
  • excites electrons/ electrons removed from chlorophyll
  • electrons move along eletcron tranport chain releasing energy
  • energy released by electrons used to form proton gradient
  • H+ ions move through ATP synthase 
  • providing energy to join ADP and Pi to form ATP
  • Photlysis of water produces 2 protons, 2 electrons and 1/2 oxygen 
  • NADP  reduced by loss of electrons/ gain of protons (H)
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what are the mark points of the Calvin cycle

  • carbon dioxide combines with ribulose biophosphate 
  • produces two glycerate phosphate 
  • GP reduced to triose phosphate 
  • using NADPH
  • using energy from ATP
  • triose phosphate converted to glucos/hexose/RuBP/ribulose biphosphate/ named organic substance
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DCPIP is used as a redox indicator. how would you

  • wrapping a test tube in aluminium foil or replacing the chloroplast suspensions with a buffer solution
  • the purpose is to validate your results by proving the change isn't due to any other factors
  • by covering in aluminium you are proving the reaction doesn't happen without light. buffer solution shows chloroplasts are required for the reaction
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