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glossary of key terms


  • Priori thinking: thinking something through using logic
  • Sense experience: thinking through your senses
  • A posteriori: an after experience, working things out through empirical thinking
  • Empirical: thinking by the body.
  • Form: can also be an ideal, the eternal of what a thing is.
  • Form of the good: highest form, source of other forms
  • Omnipotent: all powerful
  • Omniscient: all knowing
  • Omnipresent: present always
  • Omni Benevolent: all loving
  • Transcendent: God is beyond human comparison.
  • Creatio ex nihilo: creation from nothing
  • Decalouge: the ten commandments (ten words)
  • Theophancy: appearance of God in human form
  • Benevolent dictator: treating his people as his children
  • Absolute rule: one rule that has to be obeyed
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  • Universal rule: one rule that is followed by everyone.
  • Parable: a story Jesus told to give across teachings
  • Anthropomorphic: human like
  • Ockham's razor: simplest explanation is normally the most plausible.
  • Privatio bori: lack of goodness
  • A Necessary truth must be true; 
  • A Contingent truth is true as it happens, but didn't have to be true.
  • Analytic statements are true by definition
  • Synthetic statements are a posteriori, and is true if the value can be determined empirically by using observation and experience
  • Micro Evolution: when evolution happens within a species
  • Macro Evolution: when evolution happens within and between different species
  • Micro Management: when good controls everything that happens.
  • The categorical imperative: sense of moral duty
  • Absolute: a universal law
  • Summum bonum: the greatest/ highest good
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