Philosophy B602/B603 Revision

Religious Studies B602/B603 Philosophy and The Trinity

The Trinity God the Father B602/B603 Revision

God the Father

  • God gives life and brought people into existence, just as a human father is needed to produce a baby.
  • God looks after his creation and provides for it by giving sun and rain, and all the necessary things for food to grow.
  • God is the position of authority- giving rules, rewards and punishments.
  • God is always ready to have a relationship with people.
  • God loves his people, protect them from harm, make sacrifices for them, cares for them and forgives them.
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God the Son

God the Son

  • Jesus came to earth as the Son of God
  • Christians believe he was God incarnate- he was God in a physical, human body
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God the Holy Spirit

God the Holy Spirit (how God lives in the world today)

Christians believe that the Holy Spirit;

  • Helps them to live as christians in all aspects of their lives.
  • Give them courage at difficult times.
  • Strengthens their faith- helps them to be confident when talking to others about christianity.
  • Guides them to make right descisions.
  • Joins them together with other christians.
  • Gives them spiritual gifts such as ability to communicate with God.
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Nearly Einstein


Its all right, but it doesn't cover the whole of b602/b603. Good effort though :-)

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