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Phillipe Starck

Design Style

  • Contemporary
  • Imaginative
  • Influential
  • He created Witty Reinterpretations of Everyday Objects
  • Unpredictable - Can't predict what idea he will come up with next
  • Undefinable
  • Clean Sleek Lines
  • Organic Shapes
  • He used a combination of materials that are: Practical, Beautiful and Unexpected
  • No Fear of Form or Colour
  • Daring
  • Humorous
  • Aren't always considered functional but his designs are always desired because of the statement they make
  • Used new and existing methods of manufacture and design to make new interesting designs
  • He turned exsisting designs on there heads and took them out of the comfortable context
  • Overdesigned
  • His Designs are always recognisable even though he doesn't have a recognisable style

Why is he influential?

  • "There is no limit to what can be redesigned"
  • Confident approach and he brought a fun,why not, can do attitude to the design world
  • He forced other designers to see objects the way he sees them and promoted that honesty and integraty should be the core of design
  • He saw that design should not be just to make "throw away" products that only last whilst there in fashion and that products should be designed to last
  • He pursuaded other designers that designers need to be honest and attempt to create timeless designs and look far into the future.
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