Phase 5: Sir Robert Peel

  • Rebuilding the Tory party.
  • Social & Economic Reform.
  • Reform (Ireland).
  • Repeal of the Corn Laws.
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How did Peel bring the Tories to victory in 1841?

The Tamworth Manifesto December 1834: Stood for strong government, conserving all that was good in the previous system (Monarchy & Church), moderate reform of abuses and maintaining peace.

  • They offered a safe and cautious middle way between the anti-change attitude of the old Tories and the worrying reform ideas of the Radicals.
  • He won back voters who had turned away from the Tories after Reform Act.
  • He won over some of the newly enfranchised voters, in particular middle class manufacturers and businessmen who felt neglected by the Whigs, as Peel himself was from a middle-class background.
  • The party became more developed at a local level after Peel set up Conservative associations and clubs all over the country.
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