Peterson and Peterson 1959 -MSM

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Peterson and Peterson 1959 -MSM

Aim: To investigate whether rehearsal is needed in the short term memory

Method: PPS were given sets of 3 trigrams which they were to try and remember.After they were shown the trigram for a very short period of time they had to count back from 400 in 3's. This was to stop them from being able to do maintenance rehearsal.The time varied before they had to write what they could remember down,

Results: The PPS forgot most of the trigrams they were shown

Conclusion: That un order to retain the information in the STM you need to be able to rehearse the information

Evaluation:- The trigrams were nonsense words, people do not usually have to learn these kinds of words in normal everday lifes:meaning the results would lack ecological validty (cannont be generalised to all situations)

The results: Support the idea that maintenance rehearsal is needed in the STM,

As it was a lab experiment only one variable was changed and it was that, that affected the results 

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