Pest analysis

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what is Pest Analysis?

what is meant by PEST analysis?

- A PEST analysis is something a business does as an analysis of external environment, that impacts upon them 

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importance of PEST analysis

Importanat aspects of PEST

- Only a framework

- Only considers outside factors 

Why is it importanat for leisure organisation like PK to complete PEST analysis?

- To esnure that they are covering all aspects of the analysis 

- To ensure that they also cover eveything it has to offer 

- To be able to look at improvmnets 

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a completed PEST analysis


  • Health and Safety legislation 
  • Taxes - Less disposable income 


  • Recent Economic climate has caused a decline in customers 
  • People have more disposable income - low interest rates


  • Aim their facilities at stag partie - deomgraphics 
  • Not close to publice transport - Infrastructure 


  • Online Booking systems - improvement of software 
  • Quest quality systems 
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