Pessimistic views of new media

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Media imperalism

New media have led to westernization of other cultures as western and american cultural values are forced on non-western cultures!

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Threat to democracy

Enhances the power of the already powerful, as more and more of what we know is dominated and controlled by global coporations!

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Lack of Regulation

Undesirable things such as internet crime, peadophilia, *********** and violence can thrive virtually unchecked due to lack of regulation!

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No real increase in choice

Poorer media content due too 'Dumbing down' to attract large audiences, celebrity culture will replace serious programming and will replace hard news reporting to encourage people to consume media!

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Undermining of human relationships

Increase in social isolation!

Spend less quality time with friends and family and become wrapped up in electronic media!

Loss of social capital or the useful networks which peple have as they spend less time engaging with communities and neighbour hoods in which they live!

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Digital Divide

Not everyone has access to new media, creating digital divide

This creates national and global inequalities and a new digital underclass whose members are excluded from benefits of the new media!

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