persuasive devices section B of paper 1

we all need to include persuasive devices to get top marks  these are the ones you need to include if you choice to pick the pursuade question on section B of paper one 

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what everyone should be using automatically ONE S

  • positive statements
    • this delight will melt on your tongue
  • Facts & statistics 
    • Just 5% fat
  • repetition (rule of three)
    • Delicious pizza, delicious pasta, delicious everything!
  • exaggeration
    • this ice cream is the best ever ice cream!
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next level that most people should be using TWO ST

  • imperatives
    • Eat my scrumptious food!
  • Urgency
    • Hurry-the sale ends Monday!
  • strong adjectives
    • mouth watering-healthy-tasty
  • alliteration
    • Lighter lunches from Logan's Lounge 
  • comparison 
    • our products are healthier than Mcdonalds
  • pronouns to involve reader
    • you cab get it now for £1.99
  • comparatives
    • they're better than the last bunch
  • endorsement
    • it's been described as a fabulous,healthy treat
  • bonus words 
    • free,extra, discount, sale, 10% off etc
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some people can be adding in these THREE STAR PHRA

  • noun Phrases 
    • crisp,warm,spicy pasta baked in a smooth succulent tomato sauce
  • Rhyme
    • clover, loved all over
  • Powerful verbs
    • you will love our products
  • Phrases of explanation
    • all this and much much more.... 
  • minimal effort for maximum reward
    • for just 50p you can have all of this!
  • rhetorical question (interrogatives)
    • Do you want you house to be sparkly clean?
  • short sentences
    • try this delicious delight.
  • short phrases 
    • Th ultimate in food history!
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in the exam you need to be thinking to add these F

  • simile
    • as delicious as your mum makes
    • tastes like gold dust
  • play on words
    • the futures bright, the futures orange
    • maybe she is born with it? maybe its mabilline
    • thank crunchie its friday 
  • Metaphor
    • Krusty's: the Mercedes of burger bars 
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my way :)

  • P-ower of three
  • E-motive language
  • R-etorical question
  • S-ay it again
  • U-undermine oposing views
  • A-necdote
  • D-irect address
  • E-xggeration
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what is this



its the stuff to include in english exam on monday if you are doing the persuade question or want to revise the things you should include in your answer :)



This is just amazing Lizzy, really helpful!! :)

Ryan Mcleavy


you missed out 4 star...... but still extremely helpful!



thanx  help full

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