Persuading A Jury - Cutler

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Persuading A Jury - Cutler

Aim: Investigate whether hearing about psychological research from an expert witness makes an eye witness account less accurate when juror's make a decision.

M&P: Lab;538 participants;videotape of a mock trial on a robbery.Focused on eye witness evidence. 2 Main IV's:

Witness Identifying Conditions (WIC) = Either good (no disguise;hidden gun) or bad (robber disguised;handgun)

Witness Confidence = Either 100% or 80% confident their identification was right

Results: Juror's verdict = When WIC was good, more GV given = increased accuracy if expert gave a Qual testimony. Juror Memory = 85% correctly remembered;so poor memory can't be blamed. Juror Confidence = Good in WIC condition and stronger if witness was 100% confident and if EW was confident. e.g. If a robbery had taken place and robber had used a disguise and a weapon, WIC would be bad.

Conclusion: EW are used to ensure the jury knows not to place too much reliance on EWT because it may be unreliable.

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